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 Mortals and Beasts

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Brave Tales
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PostSubject: Mortals and Beasts   Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:36 am

Mortals and Beasts

Crafted Races

During the First Age, the Solar deliberative began a series of experiments on human volunteers with the aim of creating specialised subspecies of humanity. With the aid of magic and selective breeding they succeeded in creating several new mortal races with unique talents and abilities. In order to ensure complicity, these Crafted Races were given special mental conditioning to ensure absolute loyalty to the Solars and their Realm. Many of the crafted races were classified as blessed races and given special status and privileges, however some of the other crafted races, known informally as the slave races, had low status and limited rights. The Usurpation and the Great Contagion decimated their numbers and now they survive in small isolated pockets. The Crafted Folk that survived include the winged Airfolk in the North, the savage and cannibalistic Dunefolk in the south, the subterranean Earthfolk who have assimilated into Mountain Folk society, the Amphibious Seafolk in the West and the slave race of Treefolk in the far East. Among others, they also created a race of Minikin, miniature people with the ability to use Essence so that they could work on and repair the advanced Essence-machinery of the age, but they merged with their relatives, the Djala people, since the end of the First Age and are no longer distinguishable as a race. Members of the Crafted Races are mortal and are therefore capable of Exalting into one of the Celestial Exalted types. Rules for creating a Mortal or Exalted member of a Crafted Race are presented in the 2nd edition book, Scroll of Heroes.

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Mortals and Beasts
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